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Selling Tips

“You only get one chance to make a good first impression.”

The first impression is what counts. “Love at first sight” is ideal!

A well-presented home is a strong indication that a property has been well-maintained and well-loved. Conversely a shabby, untidy or unkempt house suggests a vendor with little pride in their home and one unlikely to keep up detailed and regular maintenance.

An inviting presentation that appeals to a wide range of people is critical to achieving a quick sale at the right price.

Buyers are more likely to imagine themselves (or their tenants) living in your property if you attend to:

  • cleaning and tidying
  • broken windows
  • gardens and lawns (freshly mowed, soil turned)
  • decluttering the furniture (least is best)
  • removing rubbish
  • spot painting
  • tiling.

On the big day…

On “Open Days” or Auction Days” make a special effort to impress by:

  • Opening your curtains and blinds as wide as they’ll go to let natural light flood the space
  • Cleaning your windows and mirrors so they are fresh and sparkling
  • Switching on lamps/lights to brighten darker rooms
  • On cool days, heating your home to a comfortable temperature and showing off your open fire (if you have one)
  • On warmer days, showcasing your home’s air conditioning (if it’s in good order)
  • Playing quality, relaxing background music (and switching off the TV and radio)
  • Removing pets and children from the property (they are too unpredictable to risk meeting your potential buyers, no matter how loveable they are)
  • Arranging fresh flowers in entryways and living rooms
  • Filling the fruit bowl with colourful, fresh produce
  • Freshening the bathrooms, toilets and laundry areas with a crisp-smelling air freshener (nothing too overpowering, though!)
  • Brewing a pot of fresh coffee or baking a batch of scones and allowing the aromas to float through the home
  • Laying out fluffy clean towels and linen
  • Decorating outdoor living spaces/decks with colourful, healthy potted plants (these can be borrowed or hired for the day)
  • Making sure your entryway is meticulously clean – brush down the door, verandah and eaves areas and polish the door handles/knockers to a brilliant shine.
  • Decluttering, decluttering and … decluttering some more!
  • Getting yourself out of there – your agent is the expert home presenter and price negotiator. That’s what you pay them for.

At Seachange Property we know the value of “presentation” in influencing buyer behaviour. We are delighted to offer advice on any property presentation matters. We’ll even put you in touch with reliable tradespeople or interior stylists who can help you get your property looking great – fresh, cared-for and well-loved.

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