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Preparing your Property

“Preparing your own home for other people to rent is not as simple as just moving out and putting a for lease sign out the front”.

At Seachange Property Management when you contact us to manage your property we will provide you with suggestions for achieving the maximum rental, and whether any items in the property represent any health or safety concerns. We will provide recommendations to ensure that you are not exposed legally.

Under the Residential Tenancy Act, a landlord must ensure that the rented premises is vacant and in a reasonably clean condition and a landlord must ensure that the rented premises are maintained in good repair.

So, why prepare your home to rent?

A properly prepared home will not only fetch a better weekly rent, and attract a better quality tenant, it will also help ensure the whole rental process is simple and easy from start to finish. There are things an owner would be happy to live with, knowing they will be fixed in time, that a tenant shouldn’t have to deal with.

So here’s our list of what you should consider before renting out your property.

If it’s broke, fix it
From the letterbox to the back fence, and everything in between, carry out any repairs to make sure your home is in tip top condition. A small repair or some maintenance now could save you a bigger problem in the future.

It is a legal requirement that any appliances left at the property for use by the tenant must be maintained in a working condition by the landlord. It is recommended that landlords retain the original warranty and appliance manuals and provide a copy to the tenants.

You want your property handed back to you in good condition, so set the initial benchmark high. Just as you would if you were going sell, before you rent out your property give it a good spring clean and make sure it’s sparkling.We also recommend that professional carpet cleaning be carried out prior to a tenant moving in. If we hand over the property with a high standard of cleanliness, we can ensure the tenants return the property to the same standard of clean at the end of the tenancy.

Prospective tenants are the same as prospective buyers, they’ll be more attracted to a well-presented property. So while you might not want to go so far as to get the property stylists in, make sure you do your best to have it looking great for photos and that it is tidy for any viewings.

Don’t forget the outside
Are the gutters clean? Is the fence in good condition? Are there any pests or insects you need to deal with? And make sure you mow, sweep, rake, prune and have the garden looking neat and tidy.

Add value
New paint, carpet and light fittings can be a cheap but effective way to update a property. Adding heating and cooling like reverse cycle air conditioning can potentially add value to a rental property. And so can a new bathroom or kitchen if the old one is very outdated but you’ll need to do your own cost benefit analysis and work out how long it will take to recoup the initial outlay. We can provide you some advice on your particular situation.

You’ll need to let your insurance company know you’re no longer living there and arrange landlords insurance. Your tenant will probably want to get contents insurance and many companies require door and window locks to be of a certain standard.

The fine print
Think about whether any aspect of your property might not meet current regulations or safety guidelines. For example, this could include pool fences, stairs, railings, balconies, blinds and curtains, glass and windows. Does the property meet electrical and water efficiency standards under the Residential Tenancies Act? Landlords are also required to provide working smoke detectors.

Because we are a boutique agency, we offer you exceptional levels of personalised service. A dedicated Property Manager will look after you, your property and all of your property management needs.

“You will experience the highest level of service and commitment as our Property Manager is the hands on business owner.”

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